Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What Am I?

Am I a real writer? I sometimes wonder, even without rejection letters. I think it is the perview of writers, or at least me, to think I might not write as well as I think I do. Good grief, that sounds complicated, but I think you know what I mean. I write something and think, 'This is good.' and then I put it out and immediately, honestly, if I was using ink, it would be like the ink wouldn't even be dry before I'd think, 'Yikes, maybe it's not.' After a few hours, days, months - I'd go back and reread it and think, 'Yup. It's good.' and then I'd wonder what on earth I was thinking of when I doubted myself.

I think I've been going through that as of late. Thankfully, my editor/teacher gave me a truckload of articles on writing, mostly from Writers' Digest. Let me take a moment to digress. I really like Writers' Digest. I've read other magazines that dwell on the writing career, but this one seems best, IMHO. 

These articles reconfirmed my belief in myself and in my writing ability. The first was on the way to round out a climax. Alright. Get your mind out of the porn section and think writing tools. Climax - that intrinsically important part of your story, book, article. I read the detailed article by Jeff Gerke and realized, 'Yup, I've got my climax working well. Everything leads up to it, my main character has a moment of truth (which the whole story has been pointing to), my hero affects the outcome, not vice versa, and the aftermath (the results) of the climactic moment are still playing out. 

I felt great after reading this article. Each piece in 'Blue' works as I had hoped it would. Each fits into the puzzle of the plot. 

There was a lot more sage advice in the article. Sadly, it is no longer on line, but the author has a lot of articles to share. Just click on the link and do a search for Gerke.

I'll share another article tomorrow. Learning is never ending.

Life is affirmation.

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