Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Big Surprise

I got the nicest surprise today. A writer who I admired on this blog sent me an encouraging email. I was flabbergasted. You know, my friends, I've been a bit discouraged with attitudes of other authors. I see a few places where they support each other, but it's not been a constant thing in the old 'seeing scope.'

This note from author, Joyce Sidman, lifted my spirits, gave me hope that I will be published, and helped me see that there are writers out there who care. AND - she is a Newbury winner. Be still my heart.

One of the hard things that she wrote, and it goes back to my whining about the time it takes to get published.... she said it took her ten years to have her first book published. SHEES! I will not get discouraged. She's been writing and has been published and has won awards ever since. The ball has to start rolling somewhere.

I follow a blog by a group of authors who enthusiastically support each other. Every time I read their blog, I think: 'I wish I had friends like that.' Well, I'm trying to help my friends in my class learn to do the same. By example. I've told you before that I decided to help in anyway I can with their search for publishers and agents. Also, with their writing, though I am not the teacher. I'm very grateful that my comments are well-received. The group is swinging towards camaraderie, towards being helpful to each other, towards really seeing that they are a huge component in a group that could be dynamically helpful to each other in getting an agent, getting published, helping with PR, and succeeding in this world of publication. And being a shoulder to cry upon, a friend to laugh with, and a support in prayer.

It gives me heart.

At our last class, I presented the first chapter of my first ever chapter book. It was quite a rough draft. I chide myself for not having prepared a bit better, for my classmates and my teacher deserve such preparation. I thought I knew the 'rules' for chapter books, but my teacher sweetly, gently showed me the error of my ways. *g* She did say it had a nice meter to it. I love meter. Also, she liked the premise. She thought it might be an 'emergent' chapter book, which means it's probably level one, very easy, using seven or less words per sentence, etc. She said one thing about this kind of book is that publishers usually have a stable of writers whom they assign such books to. Well, I usually try to dive into the most difficult of things. Never a dull moment here! My classmates seemed to like it, too.

I mentioned the new HUB show as it relates to my 'Nothing But Blue Skies.' I said it gave me hope that 'Blue' might be published. My teacher/editor made sss'ing noises and flung her hands about and said, 'Stop that. It will be published.' Gave me more hope.

Life is good. 

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