Friday, June 21, 2013

What Falls In My Lap

I keep telling folk to just sit down and write. It's hard, it's a leap of faith, to sit in front of a blank computer sheet or a blank notebook. They stare back at you. Sometimes, I swear I've seen a tongue sticking out, mocking me. 

Nevertheless, I continue on. And that's what I'm writing about today. Last night, the writing buddy was over and we talked about trust. She's a big proponent of it; I'm a skeptic. What she said though, resonated within me. She said she does the work (bless her heart, she sets her alarm for 5am and writes before going into work!). Then, she sits back and trusts that the universe, or God, or the Higher Power, or whatever, will show her what to do with it.

I told her about my dream of the publisher's name and the supposed dead-end that I hit. She encouraged me to trust that 'vision' and see what the universe does with it. I'd gone to the library yesterday with the little one and looked up books by the publisher. With the librarian's help (God bless librarians), I found quite a few poetry books published by this publisher. I voraciously read them. They all made me laugh. I do so love poetry, but feel totally at sea with the rules and such. Neverthemind. The enjoyment is the joy.

One of the poems was incredible. Due to copyright laws, I can't post it all here (though I would dearly love to because I know most people can't really take the time to buy the book or take it out from the library), but the sentiment is perfect. 

The book is 'DarK Emperor and Other Poems of the Night' by Joyce Sidman, illustrated by Rick Allen. (see link below). A Newbery Honor Book. All the poems are delightful, but the one that touched me was 'Night Spider's Advice.' One line states: 'Do your work, then sit back and see what falls in your lap.' Talk about confirmation of trusting.

I think this is one of the many reasons I love children's books. They hide great ideas and philosophy in joy-filled pages. I do so hope you take a moment and look at this book. It's very good.

Life is poetry. Life is trust. Life is a spider's advice.

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