Thursday, June 27, 2013


Where do they come from? In this hectic world, can creativity survive? Where can I go to get a little time to think about 'the book' and write some. I'm feeling all at sea.

My little one is attending bible school this week. She absolutely adores it. They sing and dance and make crafts and learn about the Lord. She really loves him. Also, she's with a bunch of her school days classmates and to see the bunch of them huddled together, sharing, brings tears to my eyes and clenches my throat. At the end of each session, she's beaming. I can see her self-esteem blossoming and her faith growing. It's an incredible sight.

So onto ideas. I've been pretty busy with these summer aberrations. No time to think about my writing and yet, the Muse will not let me sit idly by and do nothing. Thoughts churn, editing is done, new stories are being written, all the while I try to find some sense of peace.

Today in the car, after we chatted about Moses and what he was up to lately, I told my little one that I really had to start working on some names for 'Blue.' I've got this lake right in the middle of Ledder. The lake plays a small role in Book One, but it's going to be hugely significant in Book Two. I've got to find a good name. 

My little one asked me, "What's in the lake?" WOW! I hadn't thought about that. I told her fish. She wanted to know which kind. Then she wondered if there were any sea monsters in the lake. That gave me a hugely awesome idea for Book Two. We discussed the wizard and she wants me to name one. She likes the name I'zak. I like it, too. I think she's right about having a named wizard. There are other 'bad guys' in the book, but I think it needs I'zak. The lake will be changed, due to wizards' foul play, and given a new name. So now I have two names to figure out!

I can't even imagine what kind of a writer my little one will grow up to be if her questions are so pointed and perfect now. She does write her own stuff and has her own blog (though for safety's sake it's under my name). She has photos of her pottery and of her paintings and such, along with quite a few stories and the book reviews that she's done over the past school year. I'm quite proud of the little one.

I did something rather silly yesterday. I volunteered at her school. They have a school calendar that has been woefully neglected. Every time I go on to try to see what's happening during the school year, I find events are missing. So, I ran into the principal yesterday and volunteered. They use Google calendar which is a fairly easy piece of software. I started today. The principal brought the pastor in, after about an hour, and showed him what I was doing. I am now (God help me) doing the church's calendar, too. I'm using one calendar and color-coding it - pink for school events and light green for church events. The choir is blue. Bingo is orange. Because I'm a user of the calendar, I had a different view of it and so entered events from a parishioner's POV. I think all parishioners and parents using it will find it very helpful. *fingers crossed* The pastor and the principal were so incredibly appreciative, bless their hearts. It's going to take forever. I've got an idea that will help; I've got my fingers crossed that they'll accept the idea. 

So where the heck is the peace going to come from?

Life is giving.

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