Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mountains, Gandalf, Mountains

There's always gonna be another mountain. (Miley Cyrus - see link below)

Ok - you might have noticed, I have a thing about mountains. Their happen to be a few on my cover page. And I adore mountains that are next to lakes or oceans or waterfalls. Even better if all three are nearby. *g*

So today I was at a dance recital with my little one and they used the Miley Cyrus 'Climb' song. Needless to say, my ears picked up. 

I love to look at the tips of mountains, especially snow-covered ones, and think about what being at the top would be like. Especially the view. And yet, I love to be in the valley and look up. I get chills thinking about it. There is something awe-inspiring and majestic about mountains. 

This writing thing: it's very much like climbing a mountain. Start in the valley with a kernel of a story and the Muse will notice and wrap you around her little finger and draw you in to a great adventure, a great journey, full of horror and joy, goosebumps and suffering, and finally to the base of the mountain.

Once there, I dare not look up. The heights will frighten me and the thought of the climb will daunt me. I don't want to be daunted. So, I'll keep my face turned down to watch the path, God willing there's a path, and to stumble along and upwards. 

After a time, I crest one ridge after another. I can feel the air in my lungs. It's cold and the pressure makes it difficult to breathe. All the while, the Muse is shouting at me, "Come on. Only a little bit further." But my lungs are bursting and I think I'm going to cry. Yet, she will not leave me alone.

Finally, I see the summit and my heart gives out. It is unscalable. Ice covers every portion of it. I cannot get a handhold. I look for a friend, someone to lend a hand, and no one's there. So, I must climb by myself. The Muse chortles. My face flames. I will not let her get the best of me. I climb onward. 

That's about where I am at the moment. Though 'Sorrysorrysorry' is complete, I'm still at the last camp before I try to scale the summit. I think the contract signing will be pretty close to the summit.

'Nothing But Blue Skies' taunts me. "You don't like some parts of me. What're you gonna do about it?" What am I going to do about it? I've decided to sit back and reread the whole thing, it's only about 68,000 words, and breathe deeply and listen to the story and the Muse. If I have to tear the whole thing apart to get it right, I can do that. However, Kathleen's change worked out just as I wanted it. She needs no further help from me. 

And 'The Other Side' has some major problems with Chapters 8 and 9. They are fixable. I was blessed to see a couple TV specials on mermaids. Just what I needed for research. Life is good. Don't let anyone tell you any differently.

As for the new chapter book, 'Dog For Hire,' I'll get back to it in a couple days. I've got the basic story line down pat; I've just got to write it. *g*

For now.... I know there's always gonna be another mountain. In fact, I count on it, and I'll move the sucker, one way or another. 

And, of course, I can't write about mountains without notating The Hobbit.

Life is mountainous. 

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