Monday, June 24, 2013

Crazy Days

I wrote at the beginning of June that this was going to be an insane summer. It is turning out, I wasn't mincing words. I have a pool at my new condo and the little one is a fish. She can't get enough of the water. Besides that, she has friends. She invites friends. They come to the pool. Rules at the condo state that the home owner must be in the pool area while guests are swimming. That means, I've been at the pool every day now, come rain or shine, cold water or cool water, almost seven days a week. And it usually ends up twice a day. Swimming in the morning and then more company (my daughter's been going into work early so she can get out early and come to the pool) in the late afternoon. 

Do you have a clue as to what this does to writing? I'm glad I'm not really 'into' a book at the moment. I am in the midst of editing 'Blue' still. That I can do haphazardly. Though it's not fun. I edit two or three chapters a day. I'm up to Ch. 15. This is definitely the last edit before I send it out to agents. Yeah, sure. Who am I kidding? 

This editing is not perfunctory editing. It's got a purpose. It's not taking a word and changing it. It's adding 'scenery' to each scene. I wrote about it in an earlier blog. I know that editing can be a life-long thing if you let it. I don't intend to let it. I know what I'm doing with 'Blue' is important and I'm going to keep it up.

Saw an ad for a kids' tv show today that surprised me. In fact, gave me cause for alarm. It's about a gender-changing boy who turns into a superhero girl. So very close to my premise for 'Blue' that I am concerned. Yet, I'm looking on the bright side. Perhaps this will help me 'sell' 'Blue.'

Life is surprise.

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