Tuesday, February 18, 2014


We got slammed with another almost 1/2 foot of snow last night. The wind howled with horrid intensity. I swear I heard avalanches of snow falling off the condo's roof. This morning, the temps climbed. As a result, I have a large puddle right in front of my door. The dog, blasted sweetie, refused to go out. I thought I'd have to carry her, but she summed up the courage and forded the beast and did her business.

The little one had off school again today, but her mom was home, so I spent the morning doing paperwork and 'gentle' clothes washing. This afternoon I waded to the laundry room, about five units away, and did some real wash. Towels. They get very heavy. I only did one load, but it took four trips. Ah the joys of life.

I have decided, after losing so much of the 'Ring of Doom' story when I started to write, that I best get myself some kind of recording device. I used to be able to write 28 characters in 14 locations with 10 plots going - all at the same time - and remember what and where and who was happening. Those days seem to be gone. 

Watching the Olympics and the Olympian struggles that the athletes go through, first to get to Sochi, and then to compete, gives me such fodder for thought. I have thousands of ideas of what I'd like to hone in on with my writing. And also for what I'd love to share here on my blog.

However, by this time of evening, when I sit in front of my twin screens, I shake my head. All the wondrous insights are gone. Perhaps they weren't as wondrous as I had thought. *g* Usually at least a dozen ideas attack me and I rejoice and tell myself, 'I must remember this'. Then, it's gone.

I will go out tomorrow, in the midst of the rain that will now melt four to six feet of snow in a very short time, and navigate the potholes and the rivulets of water, and get myself to a Radio Shack, before it closes for good, and buy myself a recording machine. I'll let you know what happens.

BTW - had a glorious time at Skyline Writers. Committed writers showed up and we had a lively discussion about the future, a good one, and then did a lot of good critiquing.

Life is discussion.

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