Tuesday, February 4, 2014


You know from past posts that I've been working to save a writers' group that I belong to. We lost a valuable member last fall and I think this discouraged some folk. We had some take a hiatus while the rest quietly wondered if the group was still viable. I tried to arrange a Christmas party to give us all a break from the working sessions, but my own illness and really rotten weather got in the way. We never did get our party. 

Four members said they could meet in January, but I wasn't sure if they did. Nobody sent around an email regarding the February meeting (which is this Saturday). I was beginning to think the group had disbanded when I got a quick text asking if I knew what was going on. Someone then wrote a quick email wondering the same thing. 

This gave me the impetus to get back on the bandwagon. I figured out who was supposed to present and sent out a group email. One of the members wrote back that they had, indeed, met in January and had a great sharing. Looks like we're on again.

I don't present this month, but I'm looking forward to working with this group again. I find groups go in stages - sometimes really hot and sometimes really cold. You just have to drink an iced drink during the hot times and wear gloves during the cold times.

This brings me to the issue of bad apples. Duh - you say. A group can be knit together or torn apart by one person. Not usually that person's fault. But if there is ill-feeling, or despondency over writing, or critiques, or whatever, that person can infiltrate the moral of others and thus cause the downfall, or the rise, of the group.

I strive to be upbeat. To fight the good fight. There are not many good critique groups around. I wanted this one to stay afloat. I'm hoping when we get together we'll talk a bit about being on steady ground and what can make us steadier, as a group, and exhort each other to wondrous deeds.

Life is loud exhortation. 

PS - Be a good apple and spread sunshine and tasty fruit.

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