Thursday, February 13, 2014

Conferences And Whatnot

Two of the writing groups I belong to suggested we look into conference. We decided if we rode together that would help save some costs. Never thought it would be this difficult to find writers' conferences nearby. Of course, if I lived in New York or California, it looks like I could go every week-end. I've spent hours doing google searches and have come up with very unsatisfactory events. Back to the drawing board.

My friends in Ireland are getting blasted with nasty storms, high winds, and wild waves. Per our news stories, we in the USA are the only ones suffering through this winter. My goodness, I really can't stand the sight of snow. I was watching the Olympics and they showed the mist-shrouded mountains and I ran, screaming, from the room. If I see another snowflake, I will do it damage.

Bitter cold has assailed my hometown, too. It was -15F two nights ago (that's -26C). Tonight it's going to be a balmy 18F. But I saw Donegal, Ireland had 37 degrees F. I bet they are shivering in their boots. More blankets my dear sister-friends. And pull the dog in with you. I can't believe how warm Pippin is. Except when he's licking my face!

The cold and forced insidedness are filling the air with germs. The flu seems to be gone, but the colds are never-ending. We will survive. 

I wonder if the Japanese earthquake, which actually shifted the earth on its axis, has anything whatsoever to do with this horrid winter? I know folks believe in global warming as its cause, but I'm beginning to think the earthquake had something to do with this.

If anyone knows of a decent conference in the Midwestern part of the USA, let me know. I'd be most appreciative. Hopefully, I'm meeting with friends on Saturday to write, just write, and maybe have a cup of nice hot coffee or cocoa.

Life is cold.

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