Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I was in the library the other day with not much time. So I went to the magazine section and found Poets and Writers mag. There were two articles that interested me. 

The first title - 'Life Seems Inconceivably Rich' - was written by Richard Smolev (see link below). Richard was diagnosed with ALS, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. I don't suppose there are many diseases that are ok. This one horrifies me. I surprised myself to see I kept reading even due to that fact. Not that someone had the disease, but that the disease is monstrous and I hide from monstrosity. (the old ostrich head in the ground) 

The article was glorious. It put me to shame. You know, if you've been following this blog, that I find it extra hard to write when I am sick. I whine a bit about it, though I try not to. Here is this man, stricken by this horrendous disease, and typing with just one finger, and does it daily. And well. He's published more than once. He has a wondrous spirit about him. I weep. And I rejoice. And I will not complain again. And I will keep writing even during the times my own wee disease attacks me. For Richard, thank you for sharing your struggle and your triumph.

The second article was about silence. Well, modulation. The author, Benjamin Percy, taught me about ebb and flow in a story. I had a review of 'Nothing But Blue Skies' where the critiquer told me she couldn't catch her breath while reading the fist ten pages.That there was so much happening. I thought that was a good thing. That was how I was trying to write the book. More like, I suppose, the Perils of Pauline type book. After reading Benjamin's article, I thought about pauses, breaks, sipping wine by the fire, and I think he has a point. I love cliffhangers, but not every chapter. I love action scenes but see my readers might need a moment to recover from the last scene. Benjamin told of how quiet scenes create a sense of security before you pounce on your reader again. I really liked the article.

The last article, which I had forgotten about, has a wee bit of interest for me. My science fiction book has some sex in it. Not X-rated, but sex nonetheless. This last article, written by Beth Ann Fennelly, delighted me. And helped me to see that I should continue writing this book. The sex is fun. 

So - now onto 'The Other Side'. I presented Ch. 10 on Saturday and the group loved it. At least, I think they did. Two of the members of this critique group said they would never have known I'd written it - it differs so much from 'Blue' - I took that as a compliment. *g* I do like my characters and the premise of the book. It's a one-shot. I'm not used to writing one-shots, but this is fun. I'm kind of glad not to have a book tell me there are two more after I've finished the current one. Cheeky books!

Life is fun. 





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