Friday, February 7, 2014


Earlier, I wrote about descriptions and when and where to stop so that the story is not too vague or too heavy. 

I was concerned about 'The Other Side' because a lot of detail needed to be added due to the fact that technical issues might raise questions for my readers. Anxious, I looked at it this morning, Ch. 12, and was surprised, pleasantly. What I thought would be dull, boring, and way-to-much detail turned out to be perfect. I found a lot of typos, which is unusual for me, but other than that, the chapter flowed. What a God-send.

I finished that chapter on Jan. 16th. Today I edited it and continued onto Ch. 13. I'm halfway done. My editor wants me to send what I've finished to her. She likes this story. She'll kill me when she hears I've started on another book. I like variety. I'm eclectic. 

Besides, 'Blue' is frustrating me. I don't even want to look at it anymore. I don't have a clue as to how to make me understand Kathleen better so that my readers will love her. I've got all the worksheets on character development and such and I've completed her synopsis, but still, there's something lacking. I'm beginning to think it's a lacking on my part. I might be expecting too much from her, in the early stages or her development. 

Book Two is going to be a fuller coming-of-age for her. Perhaps, once I get into that book, I'll feel better about her. But still, I wonder.

Life is perplexing.

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