Friday, August 16, 2013


I got discouraged. I judged my own work against someone else's. Much as I love and respect this other author, her way with words defeated me. I put my energies into helping her and put my own needs and wants on hold. I did it willingly. I did it without thought of remuneration. I'm glad I did, to a degree. 

Now - to get myself back.

There are no two snowflakes that are exactly the same. I've known this fact all my life. I've taught it to my own children and now to my little one. I'm sure it's true, but it boggles the mind. My mind, at least. In all the snowfalls in all the years of this earth and in all the places - could it be possible that there really are no two alike? 

I decided to view my writing as a snowflake. Unique. Perfect. A part of God's creation. I will know that nobody else's writing is exactly like mine. That creation is big enough for forty gazillion different authors and there will still be room for mine.

These past three weeks, I've been trying to decide just what is wrong with me. Why can't I write? Or, rather, why have I shunned writing? I've used lots of excuses. Summer's almost over :(   My little one is going back to school. :(    My finances are in disaster-land again. 

But - the summer was fun. I found a way to go into the swimming pool without major health issues. My son and his family visited. My daughter is awesome. My other son works too hard. I'm too tired. The sun gets in my eyes.......

Back to it. Back to what I loved to do and know I still love. Back to a spirit of gratitude as well as a spirit of joy.

Thanks to you who were concerned. I needed a bit of 'lifting up.' Never sure why these bouts affect us. Sun flares, I suppose. :)

Life is a snowflake.

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  1. Taking a break can be a good thing. It allows you to come back with a fresh perspective. Every book I write starts as a very rough draft. I put it away for a while. When I come back to it, I do a complete rewrite. I'm able to see things I didn't the first and new ideas abound.