Sunday, August 18, 2013


I do love technology. I skyped my sister-friends in Ireland today. One is a writer; the other is a gem. They affirmed my writing and exhorted me to continue. I needed this. I can be very needy at times. 

I met with my writing buddy last night. We finished going over her synopsis, character bios, and the first five chapters of her MS last Monday. On Tuesday, she sent it off to an 'interested' agent. We have all our fingers and toes crossed. So last night, we looked at my synopsis. I taught her too well. Darn it all. She was vicious (with love). She showed me that I put the antagonist's position in a prominent place and the protagonist as second thought. Of course, she was right. I could see it, once she brought it to my attention. She took places that were week and moved or deleted them and then put the focus on the plot. It was excellent work on her part.

For me, I had a very difficult time writing the synopsis. I know the thing is, next to the cover/query letter, the most important piece. I know it has to have the true life and feelings of my protagonist, if nothing else. However, doing this while getting across all the action and suspense and whatever, proved too much for me. As my buddy read it out loud, I could hear the disjointedness. I cringed. I 'saw' what was wrong with every paragraph, with a little gentle prodding from D. I knew I had to change it. It was stilted. It lacked depth. It confused. 

I shake my head, dear friends. I know better, but I was trying to get everything in. Not necessary if I'm going to lose the 'heart' of my book. So, I started back at the drawing board. I moved, cut, deleted, changed, added, subtracted... well, you get the gist. It's better now, but it still has a long way to go. I will persevere. Darn it all. *g*

As for life -- my little one goes back to school on Wednesday. It will be (is already) difficult to lose her companionship, her enthusiasm for life, and her creative bent. I'll probably only see her on week-ends (that's what she told me - little scalawag).  

My writing buddy and I have decided to explore 'The Artists' Way' in the next few months. Based on that, we're looking at doing some 'other' creative things. I received my local library's brochure and it has some awesome stuff in it, a truckload of offerings. I'm excited.

Life is change. 

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  1. So glad you got the affirmation you needed to be encouraged! Hope you stay encouraged and aware of your writing skill for a long time to come!

    Even though it means starting from scratch, I'm glad your buddy was able to help you see what needed changing in your synopsis. It must be really hard to make it have life without telling more than you need to!