Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Last Days of Summer

I stopped in to visit 'The Other Side' today. I've got class on Thursday. I didn't want this to be the third class in a row where I had nothing to present. 

'Other' was fun to read. I am on Chapter Twelve, Chad's POV. I've got a storm that hit the other two characters (my protagonist and my window protagonist.) I've got the same storm hitting Chad and his compatriot. The only problem is: one is an almost full-blown tornado while the other is a sandstorm. Same area. Stop laughing! Seriously, I obviously have to fix this. It is on a different world, 'Other' is a sci-fi tale, but having two different storms hit the same area at the same time doesn't feel right. Needless to say, I didn't do anything. I turned off the computer and starting playing 'My Little Pony' on my tablet.

I have gotten hooked on this wee game. My little one started it. It takes a LOT of bits to buy anything or to clear out the nastiness that is the antagonist's plot to destroy Equestria. What can I say? I started in order to help the little one buy Rainbow Dash. That was weeks ago. We are trying to get all the ponies and all the shops and such. Also, creepy vines and rock formations mar the land. We've got to get rid of those. Nothing is cheap in Ponyville, let me tell you that! Besides which, the land fights against you. You clear out a huge rock formation at 16,000 bits and another one crops up on the other side of the screen. I could just scream. But the little one loves it and we are having a ball sharing the building of Ponyville. 

As you can probably tell, I'm addicted. Thankfully, I've about had it with the game. We've expanded and bought and cleared and built 'til I'm satisfied. The little one will probably continue, but I have learned almost all the ponies' names and the places and what they do and we have grown closer because of it. I love it.

I will get back to 'Other' - it's too good a tale to leave hanging. Pun intended. I cleared out another part of my office and put all my stories together - well - separated in folders. But it's all in the same place and I feel good about that. I've got my folder next to the desk. I hope to work on 'Blue' tomorrow. The synopsis especially. I want to present that to my writing buddy when she stops over next week.

'Til then, I'm visiting the pool as often as possible, now that the water temperature is closer to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It feels so good to luxuriate in the water. We have noodles that the little one and I ride as horses and have wondrous races against each other. She usually wins because I'm laughing too hard.

Life is awesome.

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