Monday, August 26, 2013

Short Break

Our class is taking a short break. We are not meeting during September. Most of us will be attending our SCBWI regional conference. As I've said before, it's a good one.

I have just come off too long of a break and I'm not going to stop now. I'm in the midst of ruminating on 'Other.' The Muse has been shouting lately to get back to it. Which I am grateful to do.

There is a woman in one of my writing groups whom I am bonding with. She met my writing buddy at a free conference the other day and they seemed to hit it off. I asked my writing buddy if this other woman might join us for our weekly fun-fests. She agreed. I'm sending off an email tonight. I do hope she joins us.

D and I have decided to get downright serious about her book and 'Blue.' I am so close to sending 'Blue' off. She has already sent her's off and she now has to write the rest of the book. It's down in her mind and in copious notes, but it's got to be put together.

As for 'Blue,' I'm hoping the critique in September goes well, but I can't bank on it and I definitely have to finish the chapters. 

This writing business is insane and I sometimes wonder if it is all worth it. But what can I do when the ideas keep rumbling through my head like distant thunder. Distant! If only. I can't even count to three-one-thousand. The ideas are crashing over me. And that is a good thing. 

It's when the storm isn't even on the radar. When I can't see if there is anything on the horizon. That's when it's scary. I love storms. I see now that I need them in my life AND in my writing life.

There's supposed to be some good ones tonight. I'll open the windows and listen.

Life is stormy.

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