Sunday, August 25, 2013


It seems we can't live without them in this day and age. My printer died. I was blessed in getting another one pretty fast, but this one needs FIVE ink cartridges and I haven't made my way to Office Max to get them. Perhaps tomorrow.

My wireless went down today. This is a not uncommon event; however, I much prefer not having to play with knobs and such. Thankfully, my son told me this is common and so I learned how to fix it. Took a few minutes.

I wish my computer was more like a washing machine. You put the clothes in. You turn it on (the settings are already done) and your clothes get washed.

I know more about computers now than I ever want to know and yet I am still an 'idiot' where they are concerned. Again, thankfully, I have a geek who comes over if things get really bad.

Now onto 'Other.' I think I'm going to be killing off a character. I really hadn't planned on such a thing but there was a huge storm (created to keep the bad guys away). With typical ill-luck, one character gets swept away. I thought I'd save him. Today, as I prepared to write that chapter, I realized he was dead. I can, of course, being the author - go in and save him. However, I do not like to challenge the Muse. I think the poor man is dead for good. This, though, creates even more of a predicament for my protagonist. He's alone on this world of aliens. I like where this can lead.

As for 'Blue' - I am still chugging away. There are four distinct areas in one of the last chapters that need quite a bit of work. I can do it. I just have to put the pedal to the metal and do it.

Life is glitches.


  1. It's always a bit sad when you realize that a certain character needs to be killed off. There is also, interestingly enough, a certain satisfaction involved when you realize how much better the story will be as a result! The Muse seems to always know the right thing to do with characters.

  2. She does indeed. She surprised me this time. I had no inkling. Good to see you.