Friday, November 23, 2012

Dreams - Be Prepared

Dearest readers, life can be so unexpectedly bizarre.

I am here in New Zealand, expecting to have fun with my Hobbit-minded friends, when, out of the blue, I am told of a person I must see to present my children's picture book to when we arrive in Wellington tomorrow. I am exceedingly excited. I hadn't expected to be doing any networking here.

Another oddity for this trip. Our host is in the midst of writing an autobiography. He asked me to read it, and I did. It was quite good. He's got to spend some time editing it, or getting an editor, but the story itself was riveting. One man's realisation that he must leave his birth home to flourish. When he took the step, with his beloved wife, his entire life changed for the good. He reached for stars and touched them. Very inspiring story.

In the midst of his sharing of what's he's written so far, he told me that his wife, when she was dying, decided to write her own story. He commissioned me to edit it for him. Paid. I was humbled and am honoured. He gave me the story on a 'stick.' I'll take it home and edit via email. The internet is such a boon.

Another gift from the internet. I have a part-time marketing job that provides my condo payment. I'm able to get onto the website, here in NZ, and do my work. Awesome!

One of my traveling companions is a science fiction writer. She asked if she could read a chapter of 'Blue.' I was excited. Even shook a little at the thought, for I respect her writing. She loved it! I wanted to do cartwheels. I'm hoping to send this book to the NZ guy noted above when I'm finished editing. Perhaps he'll be a network for 'Blue' also. Though I think the company he is with is more 'young' readers. We'll see.

So - I am reminding myself that I must dream and be prepared for stars to reach for. 

Life is awesome.


  1. How awesome is all that!?! I'm so glad you didn't let anything deter you from going on this trip. You were obviously meant to be there, and not just because it would be a fun, healing time for you with your friends. I'm so excited for you!

  2. Yes - having a great time and letting the creative juices flow!