Saturday, November 10, 2012

# 20 Punctuation In Quotes

I was critiquing an MS for tomorrow's Skyline writers group. The author had some real difficulties with quotation marks. I was intrigued, wondering how someone could mess them up. 

Turns out - being American vs. the rest of the world - we've got different ways of doing things. So for myself - as a refresher - I looked into the bloody things. *g*

I don't have too much trouble with where to put the period or exclamation point or whatever when using quotation marks. But once in awhile, a situation arises and I question myself.

Best place to look is a DOT edu site.The nice thing about this website is - its got a quiz at the end. I do so love quizzes.  

I don't know why, but I love 'grammar girl.' See that tricky little quote mark!

And anything that has 'Purdue' in the title must be a good website. Musn't it?

Oh! Oh! Question marks and exclamation points have different rules! Can you believe it? I'm going to find it difficult to sleep tonight! 

AND semicolons and colons are horses of a different color.

The English language (American style) will drive you to drink. Or at least giggle 'til you're sick!

Life is a giggle.

Psst - finished Chapter Forty-six and Forty-seven. Only one chapter left. I'm going to faint.

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