Sunday, November 11, 2012

# 21 Discouragement

I was going to think about Hanging Apostrophes today, but I was listening to CBS's Sunday Morning News (as I always do) and happened upon this quote.

"I never was discouraged from my goal." Zac Brown, Zac Brown Band.

Yesterday's Skyline meeting took an odd turn. The mother of one of our members (the mom doesn't usually stay for the meetings - she drops her daughter off and goes into the library) brought a concern before us. She was quite worried, to the point of tears, over her daughter's writing discouragement.

I don't think one soul in that room hadn't felt exactly as this young girl had. The comments and support and enthusiasm for the girl's writing was instant and gratifying. She is one of my idols. She writes incredibly well. Sometimes, her phrases just take away my breath. Every story she shares with us is fresh, new, different, not to be sneezed at. I believe in her, unequivocally. 

This link has a great little hint on writing. I like it.

This next link is an interview of a writer of over fifty books. I especially liked the little snippet about rejections.

And this is a great five-point how not to plan from one of my favorite blogs.

I'll write about the Hanging Apostrophes tomorrow.

BTW - Some awesome news, on my front. I finished 'Nothing But Blue Skies' yesterday. *shivers* I sent the last ten chapters off to my editor. I spell checked it today. I printed off these chapters and I plan to go over them this afternoon. Going to find a bench somewhere as the weather has turned magnificent. It is supposed to be 70 (in November in the north) with massive doses of sunshine. Whoo hoo!

Life is incredible.


  1. I third that! Thanks for your continuous support!

  2. Only with the help and support of friends like you!!!