Tuesday, November 6, 2012

# 18 - A Dragon's Tale ? Tail ?

Oh my goodness. I'm about ready to shoot my computer. I've got a new provider and it seems I must pull the plug on the router every other day. This hasn't been working the last few days. I'm about ready to throw router, computer, and provider out the door. But I'm back. For the nonce. *g*

I was proofing part of Ch. 46 last night. I am a good editor, proofreader, whatever. But homonyms drive me nuts. I read out loud, and that might be part of the problem. Here's a link and a thought about these little buggers that like to go bump in the night.

Hope it helps. Though, knowing and discerning these while proofing are like wet rats. Hard to tell what they are from a distance. *g*

Homonyms -- words that sound alike but have different meanings. (heir - air)
Homophones -- type of homonym that sound alike, have different meanings, but have different spellings (bear - bare; tale - tail)
Homographs -- words that are spelled the same but have different meanings (bass as in the fish - bass as in a guitar)
Heteronyms -- type of homograph that are also spelled the same and have different meanings, but sound different. (wound as in wrap something - wound as in injury)  http://dictionary.com

Life is a bore / boar.

PS - two-thirds of the way done with Ch. 46. It's a little difficult being as the Muse threw in a large monkey wrench. I'm flying in the dark, so to speak, and not sure where this is going. But still having fun!


  1. I do fairly well with these, both in writing and editing, though there is one that seems to consistently give me trouble. I am constantly catching myself typing write when I mean right. ;-)

  2. Correctomundo might work for right, right? :-)