Sunday, March 4, 2012

Emotional Moment

Though I have not been able to get onto a computer (except for here at the library), I have been thinking about writing and also attending my meetings. Thank God for those!

Yesterday, I went to my Writers' Ink group (the WA group). Usually, we share about our lives and the impact writing has on them. Also, we share our ups and downs as far as writing is concerned.

We had a different goal set for us this time. We were supposed to bring a piece that we had written awhile ago. A piece that we found surprisingly good. You know those pieces that hide in a folder on the computer or on a shelf in our offices, forgotten.

I brought one called, "Blame It On The Women." It's a tongue-in-cheek humorous little piece that encompasses four vignettes about the women followers of Jesus on the night of the Last Supper. In fact, the scenes each take place after Jesus and his apostles leave the Upper Room. A serious subject, but I knew there had to be some humor -- what with the myriad personalities present -- Joanna, Ruth, Magdalene, Mary and Martha Cleophas, etc.

I only read one. Didn't want to hog the meeting. As I read the last line, I started to tear up. It was a total surprise. When I finished, I looked up and discovered that our intrepid leader was weeping. I was stunned. She's used to editing lots of stuff, so I felt honored that it touched her so much.

One of our other members came late. Our leader insisted I read the piece again. At the end, the tears threatened, to my surprise. I looked up and found our leader copiously crying. I got chills.

I think I best try to find a place to get this published.

Life is surprising.

PS - I still see giraffes every day!

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