Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Getting Excited

First, the desk has come in. We're going to try to assemble it this afternoon. The computer is still in shambles, but once I have a place to set it, I'm going to try to get those pesky cords corralled and attached to where they belong. I'm sure they'll try to trick me, but I'll get it done. If I can't, I've got a friend or two in the wings who are committed to help.

Second, I went to my writing class last night. The teacher is also my editor. She just had her latest book published. It's not mentioned on the website yet, but it's really cute.

She liked my 'Blame It On The Women' piece but isn't sure where I can sell it. I'll not give up on it. I still have two vignettes to write and then I'll try to find publishers to send it to.

Life is deep breaths.

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