Friday, March 9, 2012

Music And Books

Though I only have a few moments every day to get onto a computer, the mind never stops. I am getting terribly antsy about writing. I know I could do it with my trusty rusty yellow pad, but at the moment, I want my computer.

I haven't even thought much about 'Blue' lately, but the mind has been churning and getting excited about looking again at sending out 'Sorrysorrysorry.' However, I took the little one to an event at the local library and it's given me some thoughts.

A troupe from a local school put on a concert based upon a book. Sadly, I don't remember the book, the concert was such fun to watch. Sixth graders brought a busload of instruments. Drums, all different sizes of xylophones, maracas, and other percussion instruments, along with recorders.

Now, I learned music through a recorder and enjoyed it. My little one played with the instruments afterwards. It seemed a great way to 'expand' a book.

My thoughts. Why not write music to go along with the giraffe story? I know I could do it. I've got three songs that are published and used internationally. The music would have to be simple so that grade school orchestras/bands could do it as this group did.

I think I'll talk to my editor. Not sure if the music should be on each individual page or at the back of the book. We'll see. Exciting!

BTW -- I see that some ebooks have music along with them now. Darn those ebooks. Trying to corner the market.... *g*

As for 'Blue' -- darn it all. I've got to get back to that god-forsaken valley and get my heroine out of there.

Life is disconcerting.

PS -- thanks to my readers who have been loyal through this computer debacle.


  1. I think this is an awesome idea! I know you are an accomplished musician, so why not make your sweet book even more irresistible? :-D

  2. *giggles* Got to find the recorder in the myriad of boxes still littering the new condo!