Tuesday, February 28, 2012



I know I've been missing in action for the past few days. I'm at the library now. My PC at home snarls and nips at me every time I look at it. I think it likes being left alone. It sits there, a malevolent presence, daring me to try to touch the wires that hang like tentacles, spilling from the counter to the floor. A hideous sight that makes me tremble.

I swear it won't get the best of me, dear readers! I swear I will fight this thing. Perhaps gloves. Or a rake. Yes, one of those many-tined rakes with large teeth. This computer needs to know who's boss!

I'm looking for desks today. Tomorrow, or tonight, though I hate to get close to it while I'm alone, I will try to untangle the cords. You should see them. They look like long hair that snarls right at the crown. Almost badly enough to cut it off, for the whimpers as you pull a brush through it would tear out your heart. Oh my!

I will triumph. I hope...... If you don't hear from me in days, you'll know I've been devoured.

Life is treacherous.


  1. A hint when dealing with wires -- deal with one at a time as you untangle them. The others will try to ensnare you but if you ignore them, they'll be less unruly and devouring. One at a time, and be sure they are all unplugged before you play with them. ;-) Wish I could come over and help!