Monday, February 20, 2012

Blog Help

I know basically next to nothing about blogging. As you know, I do it for the discipline. But the fun of knowing folks are reading it has made it exciting!

A blog I follow put together some pretty good tips for successful blogging. Thought you might like to see them.

I seem to have incorporated a lot of the 'right' things to do in my blog. That felt good. Now, to get to content.

I'm so glad I made the 'progress' add on to the left side of the blog. Really helping me keep updated. A checklist that the world can see. Which means I best keep it up. *g*

Another little thing. I sent in my hook to a blogger's site and got reviewed. It was nice. The comments were most constructive. I plan on taking the hook and dissecting it again *g* and remaking it. Good suggestions. Nice of writers to help one another.

Life is a quezy stomach.

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