Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm Back!

Mostly spent the away time in the hospital. Not better yet, but they sent me home with meds. :)

I have all kinds of thoughts buzzing about my head. Hoping to get them flying in some sort of pattern. *g*

I've been reading since I didn't have access to the computer and didn't want to spend my time in the hospital watching tv. One of the books had some writing in it that made me wonder. Perhaps I can get some opinions?

Foreshadowing. I'm not a fan of it. it seems to me that it is a sloppy way to tell something you want the reader to know, but not the character.

The book had a sentence that went something like this... little did I know the fates were laughing.

I found it took me from the story, made me wonder how on earth the main character would know this, and made me wonder if this kind of thing is something to be used.

As I said, I don't use foreshadowing myself. I was told I might think of it as a tool. I'll consider it, but I'm not comfortable with it.

Life is topsy-turvy.

PS - thanks for all the well wishes!

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