Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Getting Excited

Edited Chs. 26 & 27 today. Chapter Twenty-seven is the midpoint. It's so exciting to know I'm there! There! From now on, it's downhill, until the climax. Wow. This feels so awesome. I do so hope you get to feel this kind of elation!

As per the Progress listing on your left, I sent off Chs. 24 & 25 yesterday. Can't wait to get feedback from my editor.

Going to continue with the story itself now. I'm in the midst of Ch. 33. Different landscape, different terrors, but our heroine has a friend beside her and a new friend, Sir Giddly's offspring.

It's so nice to be 'back' and working hard. I'm still not 100% well, but I'm working on it. Starting a new 'eating' pattern to optimize healing. And trying to get rest, too.

The move is not going well, due to the hospitalization, I'm behind a week in packing, but my kids tell me not to worry. That I'm ten times farther along in packing than the last move. That's encouragement I need. Extra stress really makes the legs hurt 100% more.

Stress can be a killer. Yet, how do I combat the stress of writing? I will compensate by resting more! Because the writing is worth everything. I feel drunk on it. I read a Bradbury quote that says we must be drunk on writing. Wow - it's true.

Life is good.

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