Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Trying to Find Time

One of the things I really hate is trying to find the time to write. Watching my little one takes the entire day... and so it's at night that I finally grab the opportunity to edit or write. Usually can't do both! 

I know I've sworn I will set a time each day, but my life is not my own. When the little one goes to school next year, things should be better. But, dear God I do so hope I've got a contract by that time!

However, I keep plugging. I've got 122 pages left. I'm on Chapter 47 of the 61 left. I have to laugh. The chapter numbers keep changing. So the end count will definitely be different, but such is life. 

The word count continues to grow, which is another odd thing. I've been cutting mercilessly, but the editing has brought to light places that need further explaining, etc. The characters love to chat with each other and that adds more too - though I tell them daily the book is not about EVERYONE! 

Life is good. Hope you are all smiling. It's the only thing that will save us!


  1. Funny how characters demand to be heard.

    Peace in Christ brings that smile of saving Grace.

  2. It's the 'little' characters who clamor the most! And yes, saving grace!