Monday, December 20, 2010

The Muse

I'm wondering if listening to the Muse is a good idea. She seems to find ways to make life very difficult for her musee... Is that what we're called?

She attacked me, towards the end of my first book, and insisted that the main character die... the main character! After screaming and ranting and raving, I acquiesced and did her bidding. Doing that for the first book made it impossible NOT to change the whole second book, but I thought it was only right and proper to listen to her.

My editor screamed and ranted and raved and said I could not kill the main character off... So - she speaks louder than the Muse and I acquiesced again. I think I'm turning wishy-washy!

Book One seems to work either way. And the changes to the second one won't be difficult either. I'm glad the main character lives - I like him a lot!

I hope the Muse does not retaliate. 


  1. I believe the Muse is not cognizant of editors or sellability. :-)

  2. The Muse lives in her own world!