Monday, December 13, 2010


I didn't get to post yesterday, or think of much else besides life. Driving along, minding my own business, but keeping my eye on the road, I was attacked by another car. The driver decided to turn even though I was coming towards him. Sometimes, I wonder what people are thinking while they drive. The police cited him for 'failure to yield' - seems more like reckless driving, not watching the road, thinking the road is yours.... Hmmm - whatever. As the victim, I wasn't particularly happy about it.

I know, whilst driving, I compose songs in my head, and think about what the next scene is in my 'Blue Skies,' wonder if my editor will cream my latest submissions, things like that. I do not dial the cell, nor eat, nor polish my nails whilst driving.... I do try to drive defensively. 

However, even a good defense can succumb to an aggressive offense. The car is very badly damaged, but I am well. Knees hurt a bit, so do the wrists, but all, in all, I can still enjoy life. 

Now - what use do I have for this experience? All my stories are set in times when planes, trains, and automobiles do not exist. Perhaps it is the suddenness of the experience. The speed with which calamity can overtake one. Ah. Perhaps it's how a knight feels when he is hit with a spear and falls off his horse. 

So there is value to everything.... Life is still good! 


  1. Glad you're all right, over all! How distressing, and yes extremely annoying. I've had two car accidents, neither my fault. In both, the other driver made a left turn into me. Driving is one time when you really do have to act like everyone is out to get you, and take the good attitude you have when it finally happens. As to the time period, you only have to come off a horse once to know you never want to do it again, but horses have minds of their own. I hurt thinking about jousting. :-)

  2. I broke my back once, in 2 places, practicing 'emergency dismount' - never did that again!

    As for driving defensively - it's the only way to at least have a chance on the roads nowadays. People really seem to be driving worse... Ah well.