Saturday, December 4, 2010

I digress

A quick note - on the teeth front - went to two dentists (one a real dentist and the other a surgeon) and both don't think the teeth need extraction OR root canals.

Found a book about psychology and health and aches and pains. It's called 'You Can Heal Your Life' by Louise Hay. The book's pretty good - but the real treasure is towards the back. There's an 'excel-like' section of bodily woes, the psychological causes, and then the 'good thoughts' to get you back to health. A real treasure.

Now - One of my favorite books is 'The Four Agreements' by Martinez - I even bought ten copies and gave it out to friends and family. The 'You Can Heal' book is a long-winded copy of the 'Four Agreements.' If you've going to get a book that will change your life - it's the 'Four Agreements.' But again, the little appendage in the back of 'You Can Heal' is excellent too. 

Forgive me for digressing from 'writing' - but the editing and trying to get published phase of writing can drive one to drink or to have a physical meltdown. One of my favorite blogs likens the process to Chutes and Ladders. A great analogy.


  1. Praise God for no extractions or root canals.

    Nice surprise that the fleshing out was done, and so glad you could save your character!

    As to digressing, health (physical or emotional) issues have the potential to interfere with the writing process, so it's wise to take care of yourself to help with your writing. :-)

  2. You've got that right, Judy, about the interference... I needed my eyes opened about this... not taking care of me is stupid. But I will from now on...