Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chacters (Bless their little hearts)

My editor suggested I change the name of one of my main characters. Two of the characters were too close sounding, in her humble opinion. I figured she was right. So I set off on a quest to find a name. Of course, these kinds of quests are not simple. Finally, after about four hours, I decided I would make a different change.

The lead character's name begins with a B - the secondary character's name began with a B also. So - I changed the secondary's name to begin with a K - BUT, as life would have it, the first character we meet (who gets himself killed immediately) - well, his name begins with a K. So I found a good name for him that begins with a G and then changed the secondary's character to begin with a K and life is good... I was thus able to leave the main character's name the same. I had really gotten used to it, over the past four years!

FYI - Brynna changed to Kendra. Kendrick changed to Garvin. Life is good - if you don't mind delving deep into names.... I like to make sure the names all work... that they're from the same background or etymology for each kingdom. It takes a lot of work, I probably spent weeks on the originals, but it is well worth it. 

Now - these friends are easily distinguishable. I hope. *giggles*


  1. Ah, yes, the quest for the right name that fits! I hate trying to think up names. Good for you for taking the advice and working it to suit yourself.

  2. With editing, if you don't at least listen to the advise you're given, you just won't survive. But thanks for the pat on the back. Always appreciated!