Saturday, December 18, 2010

Is There A Sanctuary?

Wondering if there might be a sanctuary, a haven for lost words.

The accident has definitely been forefront in my mind these past few days. Had to go to the doc myself and then had to take the little one. Nothing serious, thank goodness, but enough of a distraction to pull me away from even thinking of Blue...

Yet, in the middle of the night, the thoughts come. Had to get up and write a phrase that kept niggling at me last night. Great phrase, IMHO. And it seems, if I don't get up, and I know this happens to other writers too, the thought, word, phrase is gone by morning. A hideous loss. So I wonder if phrases and words and whole scenes that are not written down float about in some celestial home, lost and abandoned.... What a pity.

Hope everyone is enjoying preparations for the holidays!


  1. I like the idea of there being a place for them, especially considering how often I've lost those words. Glad to hear all's well with you and the little one. That kind of thing drives words right out of my head.

  2. Oh yes, I too will get up in the dead of night to write something down before it is lost...
    You know, that would make a good story. The story of lost stories and where they go.

  3. If there is a place for these words, they are probably partying right now. No work - just fun! No fair!!!

  4. Hey Pen! Good to see you!

    You have my permission to write said story. BTW - loved your thing about the geese at your blog - reminds me of bears! ROTFL