Friday, December 13, 2013

Optimistic Editing

I have been reading and re-reading a blog posting for days now. I've wanted to share it with you. Finally, today works. 

I'm putting the link both here at the top and one at the bottom. 
The advice is THAT GOOD.

Darcy has a link to a book about the subject, but in few words, Darcy herself describes an awesome way to look at editing. I feel it has changed my life. Let me share it with you - but PLEASE click on her blog and read the entire posting. Also, maybe friend her and follow her. 

"While revising, my loyalty is to the story, the characters, the language - what does this story need to come alive? How can I tell this now familiar story in the strongest way possible?"

It's a mindset - one that I've been missing. My loyalty, in the past, has been to the thought of publishing. I told you I've stopped that. But now, Darcy gives me a place to put those thoughts. Loyalty. The heck with the rest. That will come, in due time. Right now, Kathleen and Kaspar are waiting to play with me. They like where they're at and the friends they've made. But they want more. And so do I. I think that's been some of the problem with the editing. I feel inadequate. With Kathleen and Kaspar at my side, I can do it. They know who they are and what they want. Their hearts are mine. I'm going to pull up that file now and have a chat with them in the next couple of chapters. Whoo hoo! Thank you, Darcy!

Earlier in her blog, Darcy talks about taking a solid draft and 'messing' with it. I never thought of editing that way. When I finished writing 'Nothing But Blue Skies', I felt good. I knew there were things lacking, but I felt the story itself was good. When I started 'messing' with it, I got cold feet.

I'm ready now. I know I can do it. Look out Kathleen and Kaspar. Here I come!

Life is Hope.

PS - my dearest editor called today asking for the next chapter of 'The Other side'. She's hooked on it and needs to find out what happens next. *Happy sigh* Life is good.

PSS - I wrote a new picture book, 'Puppy Dust'. It's almost done. Only another stanza to go. That was fun!

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