Sunday, December 15, 2013

Not Alone

I got some nice feedback about Friday's blog. Mostly, I found out - I am not alone in this struggle called writing. It's heartening. I hope you have found this blog heartening at times. 

With the opening of The Hobbit (the 2nd movie), images of Tolkien float through my mind. It took him forever and a day to write The Hobbit. The world was conceived in the early 1900's, if I remember correctly. Can you even imagine writing something for over fifty years? It makes me shudder. And a wee bit ashamed when I whimper and whine about my own struggles. Be that as it may, I'm still reeling from the link yesterday and the loyalty issue.

I started working afresh, and with a new sense of purpose, on both 'The Other Side' and 'Nothing But Blue Skies'. Though they are both very different genres, the worlds are embedded in my mind. I've got maps. Maps are good. I've got character bios. I've got synopses. Good and good.

The research I did for 'Other' worked well. I've fixed the three chapters that were impacted by the packs my characters had to carry. I also released the Kraken *giggle* the aliens. I'll be starting on the next chapter tomorrow.

I found two critiques of 'Blue' that I forgot to go over. I'm reading them now and making changes as appropriate. Coming along nicely.

There is a sense of excitement in my little office-bedroom. I can't tell you how good it feels to 'be back' - to be writing again. Even though it's editing. Loyalty to my characters. That's what's driving me forward. I can't be afraid of the process. I can't be afraid of what's happening to them or the world they live in. I have to help them. That's my goal now. Help them get to the end - with enthusiasm.

In the midst of Christmas shopping and remodeling my kitchen and trying to find a new doctor.

Life is enthusiasm.

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