Thursday, December 12, 2013

Don't Stop

I can't believe it's been a full week since the last time I blogged. Forgive me. I forgive myself. :)

Health insurance ate up most of my time. It's that time of year and I had to figure out what I was going to do. The process is so incredibly complicated that it took days of research (and I do know how to research) and a few sessions with my daughter. We finally figured it out and I signed up before the deadline.

I found a handyman. This past week, he's been over a number of times. My closet doors now close without copious swearing. My front closet has a door. There is no longer a gaping hole staring daggers at me whilst I sat on my couch. The wind cannot tear my front screen door off. It is hooked up with numerous nails. The air conditioner has been covered and the gales cannot get through. 

School functions are insane. Festivities are daily and homework is nuts. The little one and I try to watch My Little Pony at least once a day, but the teacher keeps sending home more homework. Teach is probably getting a little scared at the thought of all the 'lost learning' coming up during the holidays.

I'm also trying to figure out some fun stuff for the little one and I to do while she's on vacation. I'll have her most days. That will be fun, but also taxing. She's as smart as a whip and needs to keep active, both mind and body. I found a great site for her, filled with 'educational' games so she won't lose what she's learned. She's going to be an angel in the Christmas pageant. I hope she gets to sing Handel's Hallelujah. It's her favorite.

I've been attending computer classes at the local library. They're each about two hours long and informative, but that takes a lot of energy and I usually have to nap when I get back from the library. I found a new doc that is in my 'network' and I'm going to make an appt to see her asap in the new year. God willing, I'll get some help and some energy and breath back and be able to function in a semi-normal state. Whoo hoo!

I spent days researching for 'Other.' The USMC gear (Marine Corps) takes a bit of finding. There's all sorts of things on wiki and ebay and such, but I needed to make sure I was looking at 'authentic' gear. I found the name of the pack and the supplies that would be in it. This will help much. 

D's coming over tonight. I've got another two chapters of 'Blue' to share with her. She's been doing a lot on her Cornelius book. I hope she's got another chapter close to ready. Exciting times. A buddy from the past wrote today and I'm so hoping we'll get together again. Authors have such an aura of exuberance and creativity that flows about them. I need to siphon off some. *giggles*

Another author/friend told me she hasn't written for forever. I was so sad for her and for me and for all writers who have a 'blank' spot in their lives. Writing is a gift. I know, as I've always known, that once you stop, it's next to impossible to pick it up again.

Don't stop. Don't ever stop. 

Blessings during this holiday season.

Life is a holiday.

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