Friday, December 20, 2013

Almost Like Christmas

D came over tonight radiating enthusiasm. She's back to enjoying her writing. She thanked me profusely for last week's encouragement. I exuded enthusiasm, too. I've been writing, too (though lots of time has been spent on research - I still consider that part of writing.)

I had a visit from someone last week. We discussed some things heavy on my heart. She showed me there is a light at the end of every tunnel. That talk left me feeling lightened. That's when I went back to my writing in earnest. I needed to hear that. What this person said to me passed on to D. I talked with this person today and profusely thanked her for the words of encouragement. Hopefully, she'll pass that thanks on to others and her words of encouragement.

D and I talked about our books. I put D through a 'visual' look at a scene in her book so that she could 'see' exactly what the place looked like. She shared how much that process (close your eyes and see the place) helped. Places that she went to during the week opened her eyes to other things that might be in the place she was working on. She was so excited. 

I shared a bit with her about 'The Other Side.' The chapter I was working on was short. I wanted it longer but I didn't want to 'stuff' it just to make it longer. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what to do, when I realized I hadn't shown an event that was happening. It happened in my own mind and I hadn't put it down on paper. Well, the event needed a lot of research. Thank goodness for Google and Youtube. I had a sandstorm in the chapter and I found lots of sandstorms on the net. I learned a lot, but the best part, I learned about how one would sound. It was exciting.

So the both of us sat here in my living room and giggled about how much fun our writing was this week and how we are still inspired to continue.

I told her, when the Muse is creative, it almost feels like Christmas. My goodness, that's an awesome feeling.

Life is Christmas.

PS - Saw a wild stat from the linked blog below. It was a listing by the federal government of the most competitive jobs in the US. Guess what? Writers were # 2 below choreographers. No wonder I'm always exhausted. *giggles*

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