Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Up And Running

I think I might be up and running. These past couple of weeks have been as strange as the last few years of my life. I just have to cry 'uncle.' 

After a bit of feeling sorry for myself and such, I started back on editing 'Blue' - from the very beginning. It's not a word for word thing, but a making it more like my blog-writing. I've been told my blog writing is pretty good and that I should strive for the same kind of ambiance in 'Blue.'

Truth be told, 'Blue' has been a small disaster from near day one. I took it to an editor who asked for massive changes and what I came up with was never near to the ease of reading of the first draft. I continued on a down-hill spiral listening to every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Disastrous.

I'm happy to be writing again. It seems like forever. I used to breathe writing. I used to have such joy at turning on the computer and wondering what would happen next. 

The last conference took all my joy away. It's been an uphill battle ever since, but I finally see the top of the mountain and I vow I'll get there.

I love 'Blue' and I refuse to chuck it like my last book. The reason I've hesitated for so long in starting up again is that I wasn't sure what to do. Now, I'm just writing it. Not thinking, just letting the Muse go. I've deleted quite a bit. There are now questions that my reader will be asking - but isn't that what I want? It's not fun if my reader isn't wondering. Keeps 'em reading, I hope.

Well, in the interim, I've been cleaning pieces of my life. Downsizing two years ago left me with a bunch of stuff cluttering the new one-bedroom condo. I haven't been happy with it at all. I don't like clutter. 

A friend has been de-cluttering, too, and we've made a pact that we'll do something every day to make our lives easier and better.

I'm glad I sat down and forced myself to look at Chapter One. I like what it does. I also changed my pitch. The main story is really about alchemy - how a world is changed and a child is changed - but the pitch didn't say any of that. 

Here's the new one: Alchemy, the ancient art of transformation, turns a world topsy-turvy. The sky is green, the grass is purple, and streams are pink. To save her world, a princess, through the magic of a dragon’s tear, transforms from a common girl into a special boy. But she’s not happy with it and neither is the boy who shares her body.

Life is interesting.


  1. Getting input on your writing is essential to make your story better, but if it ends up changing it into something that isn't yours, then it's no wonder you don't feel like writing it anymore. Hope you can find YOUR story again and find that happy balance of input that helps you but doesn't discourage you.

  2. So good to 'see' you again. So good to be part of the world again. Thanks for all your encouragements over the years!