Friday, October 4, 2013

Life Mirrors

Met with two author friends last night. We spent much of the time laughing. It is important to keep a 'stiff upper lip' and laughter works wonders to keep us ready to battle the writing demons.

One shared her series with us. D hadn't heard any of it, yet the story excited her, warmed her. I loved seeing her reaction because I too love this little tale, beautifully crafted. Then D shared some of her story with us. Our new friend found it compelling as well as (I don't like using as too often, but this is the first tonight :) chock full of interesting characters.

I shared the next two chapters of 'Blue.' However, we never did get to the second chapter because our new friend grasped the essence and challenged me to 'make it better.' She was right, of course. I took the criticism well (one can take such words from a friend so much easier than from a 'professional.')  

The entire story hinges on this chapter. It's where my MC opens her heart, to herself and her friend, while learning some hard things about herself. 

The evening ended with us discussing our own growing up time and the challenges and heartbreaks and such that 'made' us what we are today. It's heart-rending at times, what life throws at us, but it's also mind-blowing to think we overcome adversity and shine.

Life is shining.


  1. Writing friends are priceless.

  2. As are you. Sorry I haven't been to your blogs, as of late. I haven't been to any blog or website or FB or.... Hoping to find the end of this state and return to 'my' normal. Bless you!