Monday, October 21, 2013


PS - I know this is supposed to go at the bottom, but such is life.

Very glad I wrote this blog earlier today. The rest of the day was spent at the emergency ward of Rainbow Babies and Childrens Hospital. My little one fell off the monkey bars and broke both bones in her left forearm. We were at the hospital from 2:30pm to midnight. A long haul, but the little one held herself well. So - to post what I'd meant to post much earlier. Blessings!


Don't tell anyone. I'm not supposed to use multiple ? marks. Nor capital letters. Nor lots of oooo's at the end of a word. Some kind of unspoken literary rule. So don't tell anyone I used three ? marks in the title of this blog.

I am not ashamed of today's progress. Some would call it lack of progress, but it is one  H E double hockey sticks better than I've been doing.

I took Ch. 26 and Ch. 27 to my local eatery, ordered my steak and eggs, and decided I'd wait 'til after I ate before perusing the chapter notes from my friends/critique partners. Before the food came, I pulled out the latest edition of Writer's Digest. Another good one. I'll share later, but for now. the food came, I put down the magazine, ate, gathered my stuff and left. Not one word written or looked at.

BUT - (oh dear - capital letters!) - I did bring them. I put them into my little portfolio thingee and brought them with me. That is a start. That is better than yesterday. Way better than the day before, and ten thousand times better than a week ago when the Muse threw her hands up and left in a huff.

I am happy. To a degree. (oh dear - incomplete sentences!). I hate the new rule. Forgive me, whoever made it up. But putting ending marks outside the parenthesis looks absolutely stupid to me. When I learned grammar (oh dear - now I'm giving my age away!) - the exclamation mark stood next to its sentence and inside the parenthesis. Nowadays, I'm told the sentence ending mark should be outside the parenthesis.

(oh dear - incomplete sentences)! 

Does it not look weird to you? Don't tell it, but it is definitely out-of-place. Poor thing. 

I will go out again tomorrow with my portfolio (the papers are still in it) and try again. Perhaps tomorrow I will do a sentence or two. I'm not going to guess nor force myself into something I'm not yet ready for. The Muse can go stuff herself. 

Do you have any idea how many times she has made ME stand around waiting for her. Payback. Bwwaaahhaaahaaaa! 

Oh! I do so love this time of year with goblins and ghosties and Muse's stewing!

Life is never dull.

PS - Thanks D for all your prayers. 

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