Friday, October 18, 2013

D and I met tonight (Thursday). We always find so much to talk about with rapid speech that rivals superheroes. 

After saving the world, we turned to 'Blue' and reviewed Ch. 27. Things worked out well, IMHO. Last week, she and I and a new friend went over Ch. 26. Major changes. 

Chapter 26 is probably the crux of the tale. It's where my heroine has to come to terms with who she is and what she is. The dialogue wasn't sharp enough. I had enough 14 year old angst, but not deep enough. The feelings just didn't go deep enough. 

I put it to the side. I have noted a pattern. When something is difficult I tend to put it aside. I avert my eyes. Oh! Don't you just love that phrase. During one of those classic West Wing moments,Allison Janney's character says it after she falls into a pool.  I miss that show.

I have put aside my synopsis and my 'pitch' for 'Blue' as they ask too much. I have to delve deeper to get these VIP (very important papers) off my desk and into the hands of an agent/publisher.

So - tomorrow I clean out my closet. ROTFL

After that, I'll spend the afternoon/evening looking at innocuous Ch. 27. 

One day - I'll go back to the synopsis and the pitch and Ch. 26.

Life is putting things off. 

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