Saturday, November 20, 2010


A long time ago, a man I deemed quite wise, told a group of women that they should retreat at least once a year. Retreat - as in taking the day away from 'life' and concentrating on the inner person.

Today - by happenstance - our little class of writers, invited to our teacher's home, received a gift of 'retreat.' 

Our 'regular' class turned into a day of beauty, rest, and sharing (food and laughter). Her home is open, uncluttered, and welcoming. We chatted for a couple hours and ate good food. Afterward, we sat together in front of the fireplace and critiqued each others' pieces. With a healthy dose of 'gentle guidance' from our teacher. 

I know I was not the only one who left that house with an inner glow. My deepest thanks to our teacher for a day of refreshment. 

May you all have such moments!

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