Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blue Skies

Went to one of my writer's groups today. It's a great one - gentle people with a love and a lust for writing. 

I've been presenting 'Nothing But Blue Skies' on a weekly basis - it's great cause it forces me to keep writing this story. However, I really, really, really was taken aback at the members' adulation of the book. They seem to love it and are quite vocal in their approval.

The problem (who would think such a thing would be a problem) - they seem to like it so much more than my own heart's favorite - 'My Sword Sings.' Granted, 'My Sword' is really a complicated piece of fantasy with lots of characters, locations, and such. But it seems much grander to me than 'Blue Skies' with much more depth and scope. I adore the characters. 

Now - I've been writing 'My Sword' for the last four or five years. I've 'lived' with the characters, laughed with them, cried with them. I've only been writing 'Blue Skies' for about a month. I suppose that explains my own reaction to the critiques/comments/praise. I still don't really know 'Kathleen' - nor her world. It's coming along. I suppose, in another few months that she and I will be BFF's - but for now.....

Well - I'm going off to have a go at her world. Wish me luck!

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