Sunday, November 14, 2010

Book Two is helping with book one

Who would have ever thunk?!? 

I was in the midst of writing 'Nothing But Blue Skies' when I realized I could change something in the first book of the 'My Sword' series. 

I've been having trouble with POV and the new book is strictly from the hero's POV. Adhering to that has made me understand POV better. 

'My Sword' is from three characters POVs... after writing two chapters of 'Blue Skies,' I went back to Sword and changed one of the chapters back to the hero's POV. Works well. Now, I'll go through the editing portion of this book's journey and see where else I can have my main character be the POV. I still want the others. The main character is a great kid and my readers like him. This broadening of his parts in the book should help cement him with his readers. 

Having a ball. I love writing and now I see that editing can be a bit of fun too. I REALLY needed to see that.


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