Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I've never really had it. My husband used to say I never finished anything. After he was gone, I made it a point to finish anything I started. I can be stubborn. I suppose that is my own brand of discipline.

But with writing, you have to be. There's no teacher standing over you, making sure you do your assignment. There's no homework that HAS to be handed in. There's only the computer or the yellow legal pad staring at you - not saying a word, not judging, but staring. *shivers*

Lack of discipline is the excuse my daughter uses to deny me home schooling my granddaughter. She's probably right. But my goodness, the little one and I could have SUCH adventures!

So I am busy writing 'Nothing But Blue Skies' and having a ball - like eating chocolates. And shying away from editing 'My Sword Sings' - even though I now have a general idea of how it will work while keeping it 'good.'

Why is it that some things feel like the purest torture? And some seem like the purest joy? I loved writing 'My Sword' - but editing it is work. Ah - 'therein lies the rub.' Writing is joy; editing is work. 

Have fun yourselves!

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