Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day three - been shredding

One of the problems with writing is - there is a continuous flow of paper. Drafts fill my computer room, collecting dust bunnies, and making it difficult to find the floor. I know some folks keep their drafts, but I've got a truckload. I'm keeping them on my computer (MUST backup soon). 

I've got my Skyline meeting tomorrow. It's a good group, but has grown so large, it's difficult to get a piece critiqued in a timely manner. I've got my query letter ready and would most appreciate being able to have the latest chapter critiqued and done with. But that won't happen this month. 

I was fortunate to be introduced to a book buyer in a darling store in SLC. She took my ms and we'll see what she thinks. I'm still having trouble deciding if it should be lumped as an adult genre, or as a crossover, or as a YA. 

So many kids that I know have a great vocabulary and seem able to accept and enjoy a complicated story. We'll see what happens. 

As for now, I'll enjoy tomorrow's meeting and then come home and do a full-force push on the next chapter for my new book. Sunday I plan on spending time editing my heart's work.

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