Monday, September 30, 2013

Twisting Back

I've been battling demons, of late, but I think they are on the run. I spoke with my editor this morning about the critique I received at the conference. She shared that she was not happy with either one of her's. She had turned in two books; one to one editor and one to another. We commiserated with each other. I told her I wasn't going to submit at a conference again. She said she made the same vow awhile back and still put the two in this time. We laughed. 

I told her I was seriously giving thought to not going the publishing route. She chided me, said my work was good, and that, if not the traditional route, I should try the internet one. I'll see. She did revive a wee bit of my self-worth.

I got a new printer almost a month ago and it has been sitting on my dresser gathering dust. It needed new print cartridges. I think the empty cartridges spoke to me, like I was empty, too. I decided to get new ones today after speaking with L. I came home from the store excited. That felt good. I put the cartridges in and printed off the next two chapters of 'Blue.' My friend D came over and we had a good time going through them. She was effusive. Had some great thoughts for making the chapter better and I feel good about the suggestions.

I caught the tail-end of a PBS program about birds. The sight of huge condors flying against this gorgeous sky caught my breath and I knew I had to put a similar scene into 'Blue.' Except -- the sky is green, of course, and the flying creatures, though not dragons, are not good. 

So I think I'm back on the path of enjoying writing again. I am putting thoughts of publishing off for now. Except for the giraffe story. There was an editor at the conference who sounded just delightful. What can I say? I am a glutton for punishment.

Life is good. 

PS - My computer is working again without spluttering and loosing whatever I write. Life is indeed good.

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