Saturday, September 28, 2013


I find life is full of these little buggers. Good and evil. Short and tall. Fat and skinny. Subtler ones like fire, life-giving and life-ending. 

I find dichotomies pop up everywhere. It's a great tool for writers. We can have such fun with our characters - drive them mad. *g*

I think the subtler ones are the most fun. A thought popped into my head yesterday. Muse probably. I was thinking about the wildfires that ran rampant this past summer and how terrible they were. And yet, fire is so necessary for life. You know the drill, cooking, warmth, security, love, all kinds of things.

I'm going to use fire in 'Blue' to help my character grow. It's going to start out with horror, then turn to warmth and a hand offered in friendship, and then back to the horror - this time with a volcano. 

There are so many ways we can use dichotomies. They are a fun tool. Find one for yourself and have a go with it.

I've been having another health issue. Trying to write but I am sleeping constantly. Investigating. Hmm - I wonder if I should tackle my health issues like I tackle my characters, or setting, or plot, for that matter. Might be better than relying upon my doctors.

Life is too short and too long. *g*

PS - My son popped over today and seems to have fixed my computer problem with wi-fi. Now if he could only figure out my Skype.

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