Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Developments

I hoped to post earlier today, but the opportunity to play with my little one fell into my lap, and I grabbed it and hugged it and had a glorious afternoon. The sun shone. The breeze wafted gentle. 

She brought home a character study paper. Mind you, the child is only in second grade. She had to write how the character felt at the beginning of the story and how the character 'grew' or felt at the end of the story. She got a star. And a 'great description.' Needless to say, my heart swelled. *grin* I can't believe she is learning the basics of writing at such an early age. I swear I never did anything before high school. But life has changed in this old country and the kids are tackling things not even imagined in my time. *giggle - in my time*

I read the passage and learned too. There's never a time when we can't learn. Even from a second-grade reader. There were others lessons this past month, but I found this one particularly interesting.

I worked on a chapter today. I've got to update my side bar. Though I've gone back to the beginning of the book with those 'small' but really necessary additions. I know the book is better because of it. So many times, we must 'trim' things from our stories, it is part of the process, but putting 'more' in is such fun because it makes me have to think and my creative side, in the midst of this editing process, needs the hug.

As for the conference.... I'm nervous. It's always hard, at least for me and those I run around with, to 'offer' part of an MS to someone in 'authority.' One never knows, I never know what will come of it. I know I won't go home in tears as after my first 'authoritative' critique. I follow the 'Four Agreements' and I have no misconceptions about other people's POV vs. my own on my work. I plan to be open and, not trusting, but listening. I know I will learn something from the process. (In my inner heart, I've got all my fingers and toes crossed that the agent will say, 'WOW! This is great. I want to represent you. I want to sell 'Nothing But Blue Skies.') It would be nice. Yet, if it doesn't happen, I can still harvest the input and come out with a crop. LOL

Life is tenuous.

BTW - my blasted wi-fi isn't working well. I'm hoping it's nothing serious. 

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