Monday, September 23, 2013

Reading X 100

One of the presenters at this past week-end's conference told us to read our MS 100 x's. And then some more. I thought it was really great advise. When on earth will I make the time? I must. If I want it to be the best, if I want to breathe, feel, live 'Blue' I must.

Met with D tonight to share some of the wondrous stuff from the conference. Still reeling with the Barnhouse and Irvin Kuns presentations. 

We then went over the critique I received for 'Blue.' I was disheartened, as I always am, by the review, but D had a different perspective. She thought it was a lovely critique and showed me the good parts. The parts that I thought were bad, D said were wrong. She went over some of the parts marked on the MS and showed me her beliefs. I agreed. With some reservation.

As for having friends as a writer, you know I've written before at how important they are. Well, once again I say, find writer friends and cultivate them and they will uplift and help you through anything.

Will write more tomorrow when I have my papers in front of me.

For the time being, D and I are going to try to connect with Kuns. She lives somewhere in my state. Must see if she is willing to chat with us. That would be awesome!


Life is awesome!

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